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This is Stefani.

She was created with value and purpose.

Her life hasn't always reflected that.

But that’s where you come in.


You have the heart that burns to change the world.

You have the vision to see a better life for her.


You are brave enough to believe her generation will start a new way to live in Honduras. 

Let's partner together to change the life of the children just like her in Honduras.

Light Your World empowers Honduran children and families to become all that God created them to be, to fulfill their kingdom purpose, and to go shine God's light on others.  

We bring hope through sharing God’s truth & love, problem-solving to meet needs, providing support, building community, prayer, and facilitating healing.

We focus on building relationships, as this is the context for creating lasting change

We provide opportunities for our donors to personally get to know the people we serve.

We follow the Bible and rely on being led by the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the value and worth of the people of Honduras. We also make sure the people we serve see their own value.

We believe that everyone can bring God's light to the world around them.  Everyone has a kingdom purpose and has the same call to go make disciples.

What we do is more than just have programs.

It's more than numbers and statistics.

It's about family. 

And transforming lives so that they can go reach others for the glory of God.

How exactly can you be part of the solution when you’re not in Honduras?

Your realities may be worlds apart, but

you can partner with us to make a difference!

You can be part of all of this through connecting with our families, praying, giving financially, and volunteering! 

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Let's partner together and make a difference in the lives of these children and families!  


Like REALLY make a difference,

not just say we will so that we feel better. 

Let’s. Change. Her. Life.


Are you ready? Join us. 

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Your heart leaps at her picture.

You want to know more about Stefani...

She’s 10 years old.  She is small for her age, as that’s what malnutrition does to a growing body. However, she's doubled in size since we started working with her family!

She’s never been able to attend school.

She cannot read or write or do any of the academic things that most 10 year olds can do.

She wants to be a pastor.

When we met her she didn’t have any dreams.

She comes from a long line of women who never had any dreams. They just survived life.  But now she sees a future. She wants to be like us and change lives with the word of God. 


Stefani recognizes the spirit of God. She prays hard. She shares and always helps others.  She searches for food when her family has no food and sometimes she takes her meal from my home to her mom instead of eating it. Her dad died 5 years ago.  She collects plastic bottles to try to help the family earn money for food. She runs her hands over the pages of books hoping to one day read them.  She’s had more trauma in her life than any kid should. She has the BEST smile. An even greater laugh.  And she loves candy

God created her perfectly with purpose.

And we tell her that every chance we get. 

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