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Light Your World is founded on the principles of being servant leaders and Acts 6-8, believing that no matter what we do, if we do it filled with the Holy Spirit, it will bring people to Jesus and change entire regions.

We also align with Matthew 5:14-16 and believe that each of us are called to be a light to the world around us.


How can we actually create

change for children in Honduras?? 


We invite you to get to know Light Your World.  The best way to do that is to spend some time getting to know:

About Brenda

About Cruz Grande, Honduras


Missions, Vision, and Values


Honduras, this ministry, and God are all about relationship.  We invite you to have a relationship with us!

We'd like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to the CrossCounsel team for giving LYW this opportunity and believing in our mission from the very beginning. Thank you!

It’s easier than you think to help change her life. 


We have actually SEEN her life change

since we started working with her family.

Let us quickly tell you what we do that changed Stefani's life and impact many others as well.

  • love hard

  • listen

  • reflect Jesus

  • build relationship

  • provide hope

  • meet basic needs

  • intercessory prayer

  • remind people that God sees them, they are not forgotten and that He answers prayers

  •  fight oppression

  • show people that they have value

  • empower people to partner with God to change their lives, the lives of those around them, and impact change in Honduras

  • promote taking responsibility for yourself, your family, and your role in advancing the kingdom 

  • facilitate freedom and the healing of broken places

  • contend against the enemy and strongholds in people, families, the community and the country

  • speak God’s truth into people and teach the Bible

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And we give God the glory!

Light Your World is an extension of
CrossCounsel International Ministries

Please visit them here to learn more about their ministry.

We are often asked...

Do you work with kids or adults??

We believe that the generation of children in Cruz Grande will be the generation to break negative cycles, to raise up their community and nation of Honduras, and to create an atmosphere of the kingdom of God here on earth.  If you've met 'our kids'... you know it's possible!!  They are amazing!

And we serve a God who does the impossible! Can I get an AMEN?! 

In order to successfully work with kids, you have to empower the entire family. 

So while we serve children, we make it a priority to wrap around families and parents as well.  

Wait... but can you ACTUALLY create change?  The short answer.. YES!

YES!!  We've seen it.  The people that we serve have experienced it.  People in the community have seen it.  Our donors and supporters have seen it.  Do you want to know our secret for successfully creating change?


Seems simple enough, right?

We believe in people.  We lead by example.  We love hard.  We repeatedly say "YOU CAN" and we hold people to a standard of what they are capable of.  We cry with people in their hardest moments.  We rejoice with them on their mountaintops. We remind them of the value that God created them with and that they have kingdom purpose.  We pray. A lot.  We trust God.

​And HOPE becomes CHANGE. 
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