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Imagine with us for a moment that you live here... Cruz Grande, Honduras.




This tiny village on the side of a mountain is home to about 60 houses and even more families.

Most homes have 2-4 rooms and are made of brick or mud with tin roofs.  Some homes are fully made of tin. Some have cement floors; some are dirt. Some don't have running water. Some don't have electricity. Most use an outside bathroom. 

There's an overwhelming population of single moms. If they have work, they make about $8-12/day.  And most of the time their work is not steady or guaranteed, leaving them with large gaps without an income. 

The women in the village experience high rates of trauma including domestic violence and sexual abuse. 

We asked our kids what they would like to change about their community... drunkenness/alcohol, smoking, drugs, guns, and gangs were the answers these 8-10 year old children gave. 

Generational poverty, oppression, and hopelessness often feels tangible within the community.  It often forces families to focus more on survival than on opportunities and possibilities.

"I love that LYW is essentially “teaching” people how to fish for a lifetime instead of just feeding them fish for a day ....& what I love even more is that those you are teaching want to pay it forward and teach others for the betterment of all.... like Jesus in Matthew 4:19 "follow me and I will make you fishers of men." - Kim Krist

What would you need if you lived here??


Education.  Opportunities.  Solutions.  Food.  Connection.  Prayer.  Mental Health Support.


The kind that Jesus gives.

Often our work is 'just' to provide hope. We are constantly amazed by what people are able to do on their own once they have hope and empowerment! 

That's exactly where Light Your World comes in...

The goal is to show people that they are seen, that they have value, that there's a place for them in the kingdom of God, that they CAN care for their families and do the things poverty has told them they weren't good enough to do, that they were created to have purpose and can create a kingdom impact in their families, their community, and and ultimately in Honduras.

Meet the children of Cruz Grande, Honduras!

These are the faces that will be the generation to bring change to their families, community, and country. These are valuable children of God!  Each one special and designed with a purpose.

"I donate because I love what you are doing and love seeing the lives you are changing little by little and big by big! You have a pure heart with pure intentions that will do big things. I can't wait for the updates 20 years from now to see where these kiddos are because I think you are setting them up for a beautiful future they would have never otherwise had."

- Mary Peters Schumann

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