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Relationship and connection changes lives. 

It's a simple concept, but it's true.

We build this ministry on relationship and would love to include you if you have a heart to empower Honduran families.

We share the same heart to change generations in Honduras and you want to connect? 

Awesome, fill out the form below.

We typically respond Tuesday through Saturday, generally within 24 hours unless we are without electricity or internet… because it’s Honduras and that happens. 

Connect with us!

Thanks for connecting with us!

 If you'd like to connect by seeing more videos of what we do, the realities of Honduras and the people that we serve...

This is where the really good stuff is. 

Check out our social media by clicking the links below.

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  • Can I make set up an automatic monthly gift?
    YES! We love it when you make your monthly commitment and we make it easy for you to do that. Just go to our donation link and it will give directions on how to set up your monthly gift.
  • How do I know where my money goes?
    Every donor is added to our private facebook page where you get several updates, pictures and videos per week of the work that we do. Best of all you get to know the children and families that we serve! We believe in a high level of financial accountability and transparency. Please feel free to ask if you ever wonder how your donation was spent.
  • Can I sponsor a child?
    We do not do child sponsorships. We believe that all of our children are special and deserve opportunities, not just those chosen for sponsorship. However, you will get the chance to see many pictures and videos in our donor group and get to know all of our children!
  • Can I make a donation for a specific project?
    YES! We have accommodated several donation requests. As long as we can do it in a way that aligns with our values, we are happy to accommodate your wishes.
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