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This is Katy.

She's the one who will break the generational cycle of poverty, abuse, lack of education, going hungry, and lack of self worth in her family.

She will lead a new generation into the truth of Jesus.

She needs your help to make it possible.

Will you partner with her to change the generations to come?


A child and family in Honduras gets a better life with every click of the button below.

Even $10 helps bring generational change.

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Nutritional Comparison

This generation of children in our tiny village will raise up a different way of life in Honduras. 


Will you invest in them by giving a one time or monthly gift? 


You will:

  • witness these children progress as they grow up

  • know the impact of your dollars

  • celebrate with us during milestones

You get to engage your missionary heart to create generational change. 

Our donors have a heart for generational change. Here's what they have to say...

"I have chosen to support and donate because I fell in love with your story, the meaning behind it, and all the happy lives you're changing. I also love the updates you provide us with, along with all of the pictures! I hold one of your families near and dear to my heart."

- Kimberlee Welch 


“You have a gift of speaking from the heart & that makes people tune in and LISTEN. I love that you pray and follow God’s will to help those in need. Your mission isn’t single sided, you help & love ALL of His people. I love “seeing” the people of Honduras be loved and find hope for another tomorrow because of what you do. I LOVE following the progress of those you’ve been able to help. I’ve watched you from the beginning and it’s beautiful seeing how it all has played out. God is working through you and LYW!”

- Kim Krist

All donors receive access to our private Facebook group that gives details of our families and activities. 

  • You get the inside scoop and all info before anyone else

  • You receive photos that we don't release to the public

  • You get details and updates about families that we don't release to the public

It is a personal relationship that allows you to know the people that you support, see the changes that you are making in people's lives, and be aware of where your money is going. 


$10 provides snacks .  We intentionally create space for our kids to hang out in small groups here at the center.  Often we give out snacks, offering a place to belong, to socialize and to receive love. 

$15 provides 5 children a birthday present, who may not otherwise receive one.  Many of our children do not experience the birthday parties and presents that children do in North America.  Providing a small gift lets each child know that they are special and not forgotten. 

$20  provides a can of formula to moms struggling to breast feed.  Due to lack of access to lactation services and years of malnutrition, many of our moms struggle to supply enough breastmilk for their babies. We provide necessary formula so that babies do not go hungry or fail to thrive. 

We provide HOPE through Jesus.

Once people have hope, we see lives CHANGE.  

Are you ready to provide HOPE to children and families in Honduras and CHANGE lives and generations?

Click the button to impact the life of a child in Honduras.


Donate Today! 

  • Can I make set up an automatic monthly gift?
    YES! We love it when you make your monthly commitment and we make it easy for you to do that. Just go to our donation link and it will give directions on how to set up your monthly gift.
  • How do I know where my money goes?
    Every donor is added to our private facebook page where you get several updates, pictures and videos per week of the work that we do. Best of all you get to know the children and families that we serve! We believe in a high level of financial accountability and transparency. Please feel free to ask if you ever wonder how your donation was spent.
  • Can I sponsor a child?
    We do not do child sponsorships. We believe that all of our children are special and deserve opportunities, not just those chosen for sponsorship. However, you will get the chance to see many pictures and videos in our donor group and get to know all of our children!
  • Can I make a donation for a specific project?
    YES! We have accommodated several donation requests. As long as we can do it in a way that aligns with our values, we are happy to accommodate your wishes.
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