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That feeling welling up inside of you...

it's your heart responding to the need.


You're ready to get involved and be part of the change!

You can do that in two ways.

Make an impact for families in Honduras by signing up to stay informed, and volunteer with us.

Stay Informed!

The first step towards creating change is to get to know the people that we support, and what their lives are like.

One of the easiest ways to be part of the change is by signing up for our email list to receive regular updates about life in Cruz Grande, Honduras and all that God is doing there. 

You'll be the first to know all that's happening.

Get involved!

Get information first! 

Thanks for submitting!


You have a burning desire inside to do something...  but what? 

You wonder...

if  you can really have an impact?

if you are really needed?

where you might fit in?

what you could offer?

if we are the right match for you? 

Most of our volunteers who make the biggest impact have never been to our Honduras campus. Every single one of our volunteers has an impact. Volunteers make a difference.  Everyone has something to offer.

The gifts and talents of our volunteers bless our kids and families

even when they can't be together. 


We have a current need for volunteers in the following areas.  

Does one of them fit the gifts and talents that you have been given?



  • Prayer team

  • Administrative tasks

  • Email marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Data Entry

  • Website maintenance

Volunteering even a small amount of your time helps the program greatly.

Almost all of the volunteer positions work remotely. 

We train everyone thoroughly, so there's no need to worry.

Message us to talk about getting started as a volunteer! 


What’s God calling you to? 

Is it missions? 


There are so many ways to serve with Light Your World and support the ministry! The perception that you can only 'be in' missions if you go abroad is just not true.  There are people in all capacities supporting LYW, most from their own living rooms. They all play a part of making extraordinary miracles happen in our tiny village. There's a place for you here.  

Message us to talk about where you fit in.

We look forward to partnering together for change! 

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