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Do you need a speaker for your women's group, church, conference, retreat
or launch event? 
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I can do that!
Do you need a trauma trained professional to add value to your coaching program or business?
I can do that, too!
Do you need an author led book study?
Yup, I can do that, too!
Our mission is to change generations by empowering people in their God-given value, identity and kingdom responsibility.
I love any opportunity where I can do that! 
I would love to partner with you to spread God's word. 
What areas do I speak about?
Here are some examples for you.
I pray it blesses you.

Contact me here to talk about scheduling a speaking engagement. 
Trauma and Healing
Here's a                               just for you.
And those you wish to share it with.
An entire vault of resources focused on identity, trauma, purpose, healing, and more is available for               at the link below. 
This includes an entire book study with journal prompts of my book "Grace Lives Here:  Drop the baggage and run home to the arms of Jesus."
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I love to sow into God's kingdom!
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